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  • Do you provide support for setting up and customizing the templates?💁‍♂️
    Yes, we offer 10 days support and guidance for setting up and customizing the templates. Additionally, our support includes access to helpful video tutorials🎥 with life-time access that guide users step-by-step in editing the templates, simplifying the customization journey.
  • What if I do not know how to use Cargo 3 editor😥
    Do not worry we will provide you tutorial on basic to advanced on how you can use Cargo 3 editor so you can have ease in editing the templates as well😎
  • Are these templates responsive across various devices?
    Yes, our templates are fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing experiences on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices for artists and their audiences.
  • Are these templates easy to customize for individual styles?
    Yes, our templates are designed to be easily customizable without any coding knowledge, allowing you to personalize their portfolios to match their unique aesthetic. We provide video tutorial with life-time access to customize these templates as well.
  • How can I access the videos?📺
    Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a PDF containing the website URL and login credentials, allowing you access to the videos😊
  • What is Cargo 3 or Cargo Site or Cargo Collective are all same🤨?
    Cargo Collective or Cargo Site is a platform to build websites for artists, photographers, and other creative people. Cargo 3 is the newly advaced website editor provided by Cargo Site.
  • How do I get started with purchasing and using these templates for my portfolio?😁
    Choose a template that matches your style, complete the purchase using your preferred email address, or specify the email within the notes section in which you want the template. Following this, we'll promptly send the template directly to your designated email🚀
  • What topics are covered in the video tutorials?
    We have covered all topic in case you want to create a whole different website we have complete tutorial on Cargo 3 from Basic to Advacned. Cargo Basic - Website settings Page Global and Local Settings Text Styling - Global and Local Settings Upload Custom Fonts Column And Layouts Images, Galleries and Grid Layouts Videos Making website mobile friendly Different Effect Settings Backdrops Cargo Advance (Part One) - Understanding Pin Settings Understanding Page Sets Creating Responsive Menu using Sets and Pinning Thumbnail Index Mobile Responsiveness Cargo Advance (Part Two)- Overlay Settings Learning how to create beautiful menus Learning Tags Creating filter functionality Stack Pages Thumbnail index on hover E-commerce Tutorial (Bonus) Setting up store. Creating Physical and Variant Product Creating Product Variation Adding Product in site Adding "Buy Now" button and "Cart" button Adding PayPal Payment Gateway Setting up Shipping and Taxes Cargo 3 Template Tutorial - Complete Video tutorial of the particular template which you have purchased from us.
  • Can these templates support e-commerce for artists selling their artwork?🧐
    Absolutely! We offer specialized e-commerce templates within Cargo Collective, enabling artists to sell both physical and digital artworks effortlessly.😍
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