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Comprehensive Video Tutorial Series on Cargo Site

We've comprehensively addressed every topic, so whether you're looking to establish an entirely new website or enhance an existing one, our extensive tutorial on Cargo 3 spans from fundamental concepts to advanced topics and enjoy the convenience of lifetime access.

Cargo Site Basic -

  1. Website settings and overview

  2. Page Global and Local Settings

  3. Text Styling - Global and Local Settings

  4. Upload Custom Fonts

  5. Column And Layouts

  6. Images, Galleries, and Grid Layouts

  7. Videos and Contact Form

  8. Making the website mobile-friendly

  9. Different Effect Settings

  10. Backdrops


Cargo Site Advance (Part One)-

  1. Understanding Pin Settings

  2. Understanding Page Sets

  3. Creating a Responsive Navbar using Sets and Pinning

  4. Thumbnail Index

  5. Mobile Responsiveness

Cargo Advance (Part Two)-

  1. Overlay Settings

  2. Learning how to create beautiful menus

  3. Learning Tags

  4. Creating filter functionality

  5. Stack Pages

  6. Thumbnail index on hover

E-commerce Tutorial (Bonus)

  1. Setting up store.

  2. Creating Physical and Variant Product

  3. Creating Product Variation

  4. Adding Products on-site

  5. Adding the "Buy Now" button and "Cart" button

  6. Adding PayPal Payment Gateway

  7. Setting up Shipping and Taxes


Cargo 3 Template Tutorial - Complete Video tutorial of the particular template that you have purchased from us.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a PDF containing the website URL and login credentials, allowing you access to the videos.

NOTE: The above video tutorial will be available free if you purchase any template from our website.

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